Carnival in Limassol | 2024

Carnival was being celebrated in ancient Greece. Celebrations were being organized in honor of god Dionissos. Ancient Greeks got dressed in various costumes, wore masks and had fun in feasts for days. Carnival in Cyprus was associated with the beginning of the fasting of Easter. Carnival was called “Apokries” which means in Greek “without meat”. […]

The Limassol Carnival

The Limassol Carnival is one of the most anticipated events of the year in Cyprus, attracting locals and tourists alike. This colorful festival takes place in the city of Limassol, which is known for its lively atmosphere and festive spirit. The Limassol Carnival is held annually, usually during the month of February or March, and […]


Dear Friends, Once again, Christmas is just around the corner, as is the promise of peace, hope and love. In ensuring that we deliver the full force of the Christmas spirit to our valued guests, preparations at Odysseia Hotel Kapetanios started long ago. Our team has devoted immense effort, and dedicated their inspiration and passion, […]

BLACK FRIDAY Odysseia Hotel 2023

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