Dear Friends,

Once again, Christmas is just around the corner, as is the promise of peace, hope and love.

In ensuring that we deliver the full force of the Christmas spirit to our valued guests, preparations at Odysseia Hotel Kapetanios started long ago.

Our team has devoted immense effort, and dedicated their inspiration and passion, in making this festive season as special and memorable as possible for you.

Christmas is a time of joy and good cheer: the season in which to eat, drink and be merry.

But it also holds great power to metamorphose into something even more magical when the true heart of Christmas is embraced. At Odysseia Hotel Kapetanios, we aspire to achieve this by honouring the traditional hospitality for which our people are known, which knows no limits, and is underscored by sincerity and love. This is, precisely, what makes this season so special when celebrating with us.

From glorious menus of festive delights that appease even the most discerning of palates, and well-appointed and luxurious suites for the perfect getaway, to the indulgence of rejuvenating treatments at our Aphrodite Spa, and the sparkle of afternoon treats and evening cocktails, the Odysseia Hotel Kapetanios prides itself on delivering the best of a truly timeless festive experience.

Join us in raising our glasses to a wonderful Christmas and toasting to a peaceful and prosperous New Year 2024!



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